Friday, November 26, 2010

Tea at Five with Wozzeck live from Bolshoi

This evening at 5 p.m. (cet), Mezzo-TV will broadcast Wozzeck, live from Bolshoi Theater in Moscow [dir- Dmitri Tcherniakov, cnd- Teodor Currentzis, Cast: Georg Nigl, Mardi Byers, Roman Muravitsky, ...]

Russian public discovered Wozzeck last year [first stage performance of Berg's Wozzeck in Moscow], and both the Russian cultural circles and the foreign critics loved it. Good news is that this live broadcast will be followed by a DVD release.

By far the best Wozzeck on DVD is the one by Bieito and Weigle. Too bad the Paris Opera did not invest in recording one of its best recent productions - Wozzeck with Simon Keenlyside and Angela Denoke, directed by Christoph Marthaler and with Sylvain Cambreling conducting.

Tcherniakov is one of my top-5 fave directors, Bolshoi invested big money [its generous sponsor!] to make this show happen -- so it should be good. Currentzis must be the most passionate and one of the most innovative conductors today, plus there's Georg Nigl in the title role, and we're ready to see and hear Mardi Byers singing... -- This one is a winner, I'm tellin ya :)


  1. But apparently there's no streaming? I cannot follow the broadcast in internet since I have no TV?

  2. Unfortunately not. You have to subscribe to Mezzo-TV (it's in many packages offered by your cable network, or ADSL) It will appear somewhere on Internet in the days to come. A DVD release is planned shortly after the live broadcast too. Sorry

  3. I saw it live a year ago. Incredible show - so I wanted to re-taste the pleasure. I'll have to wait till the DVD release comes

  4. Thank you for the Wozzeck which was tremendous

  5. No problem. I'm glad you liked it. ;)