Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ritorna vincitor

Like in 2008 and 2009, this year Szeged (Hungary) hosts an interesting International Opera Competition which has recently been baptized into Armel. The rules are explained well on their website.
In one sentence: After a series of selections, the competing singers who made it to the finals are asked to perform --as cast members-- in one of the 5 specific operas that are being presented these days at Szeged National Theater.

Good thing is that all 5 operas can be seen on the Internet thanks to the world's coolest TV, via its ARTE Live Web portal.

This year's program of the finals with links, looks as follows (all videos are free to see during 3 months following the live broadcast):
  • Veslefrikk - opera by Knut Vaage (world creation) [click on the opera title to see the production details and synopsis];  singers competing: Iulia VACARU, Alexander POLKOVNIKOV; live broadcast - November 3, Arte link
  • The Servant - opera by Marco Tuttino (also intendant of Teatro Comunale di Bologna); competing: Camille DEREUX, Peter FURLONG, Alexey BOGDANCHIKOV; live broadcast - November 6, Arte link
  • La Traviata - competing: Maria PAKHAR, Péter BALCZÓ, Sergio FORESTI; live broadcast - November 9, Arte link
  • The Seagull - opera by Thomas Pasatieri; competing: Molly MUSTONEN, Zsolt HAJA, Beverly O’REGAN THIELE; live broadcast - November 12, Arte link
  • The Fiery Angel - opera by Sergei Prokofiev; competing: Christina BAGGIO, Antal Cseh; live broadcast - November 15, Arte link
All videos also embedded below...

In 2008 I saw an interesting production of Der Vampyr by Marschner --one of the operas in competition-- and that was the first time I listened to brilliant Nabil Suliman and François Piolino. Last year I saw a fine production of L'Heure espagnole.

This year I'll definitely see The Fiery Angel (one of my favorites).  Christina Baggio must be an audacious girl -- the role of Renata must be the most difficult soprano role to sing...


The Servant

La Traviata

The Seagull

The Fiery Angel

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  1. Completely and utterly fascinated! ARTE - I would pay to have it in the US - to relieve some of you folks of your tax burden, and I don't think I am the only one. Thank you OC!