Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Salzburg 2010: Assorted pics (2)

Now, what is wonderful about Salzburg is that you can have your relaxing, and yet active, holidays in the surrounding mountains. Since they are only 30-50 km (~30 miles) away from the city center, you can spend a few days like that: tracking and enjoying the countryside during the day and go to see an opera in Salzburg in the evening.


Countryside with its mountain lakes is spellbinding. Here are several pics to share!

20m from Salzburg, and you can see the Gollinger Waterfall. It's not a huge touristic thing, which makes it more relaxing and more enjoyable:

20m further away from Salzburg and you get to see a stunningly beautiful mountain lake called Gosau Lake.

White summits you see above the lake are 2995 m high (Dachstein). You then take a walk around the lake (cca 2 hours):

There are also cliffs where you can try some real climbing...

On the way back you can stop on the shore on one of many lakes, but Hallstatt must be extra interesting. It's close to an old salt-mine and the town --nowadays protected by UNESCO-- is built on a cliff:

and even there they organize opera shows. The week I was there they advertised Le Nozze di Figaro...

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