Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bayreuth 2010: Die Walküre - Webcast, Saturday, August 21st

Just to remind you that Die Walküre will be live broadcast from Bayreuth next Saturday, August 21 starting from 16:00 (cet).

You can see the details on this link.
Basically, you need a good internet connection and you should buy a ticket [14,90€] and then you can see the show live and as many times you wish until September 5. The production is directed by Tankred Dorst and is not good but the orchestra and singing are good, so...

The story behind this production is that Lars von Trier (fave!!!) was supposed to direct this Ring --which would have been his first opera-- but at the very last moment he declined to do it, leaving the direction of the Bayreuth Festival in a complete and total panic. Dorst saved the day with his instant-made production, so I don't want to be too harsh and say what I really think about his show ;)

Now, is it worth your 15€/ticket? I believe it is (especially if you can share it with somebody!):  Christian Thielemann knows his Ring very well and even though you won't be able to feel the depth of the sound you'd have experienced if you were in auditorium, his Ring is still very special. Plus it's well sung. Finally Die Walküre is always better to listen to while watching it too [even if Tankred Dorst directed it;)] Another reason (admittedly half-lame!) is that the same show will be edited and released on DVD early next year and will cost ~40€...

Ed 1: EXCELLENT IMAGE QUALITY. Only German subtitles ;)  

Ed 2: Botha and our fave Kwangchul Youn were superb! And I like Sieglinde too... The direction is the reminiscent of the Met shows in the 80's/90's... Watching it like this is a very different experience than being actually there, but a very pleasant experience anyway :) On to Act 2 where the phenomenal Linda Watson appears... During the intermission we learned that Linda used to work in the banking business before dedicating herself entirely to opera.  

Ed 3: And so the Act 2 is over. Linda Watson - magnificent. Johan Botha knows very well that this show is broadcast so he gave his absolute best. Even Thielemann congratulated him for this thrilling performance. Youn fantastic too...  Hopefully Albert Dohmen will come up with his best in Act 3. Musicwise it's been fantastic so far, but scenically the show definitely stinks -- even more on video than in the theater  ;)

Ed 4: As in any production, Act 3 of Die Walküre is scenically better than the previous two. Albert Dohmen gave his all in this act but if you look for the starry performance then it's the orchestra and Christian Thielemann. Definitely worth your 15€ guys! If you missed it live, the show will be available for viewing until Septh 6th. Johan Botha and Edith Haller were the most positive singing surprises!

I capped 3 pics during the CCs:

Botha, Haller, Dohmen, Watson, Fujimura, Youn

Johan Botha and  Edith Haller

Huge ovations for Christian Thielemann


  1. Well I have my ticket and I'm glad, I think. Besides the tickets were $10 cheaper than last year's tickets from Salzburg.

  2. Good point. I euros it's 5€ less than last year, plus dollar got stronger this year, so that makes it 10 bucks less ;)

    You should know that the intermissions are 1 hour long each, so the whole show will stretch over about 6 hours time.

  3. That's OK. I have to get up at 7 AM to see it live. There is plenty to do around the house during intermission.

  4. Who directed this thing? What a bore! I do think it was wonderful sound though, especially over the internet to hear the acoustics of Bayreuth!

  5. Tankred Dorst. Don't even bother to retain his name. He won't be doing any more opera anyway -- which is fine by me :)

    Musically this was very good, but the Walküre in Paris this year was overall much better.