Saturday, June 5, 2010

A kékszakállú herceg vára: from Petra Lang with love

Bluebeard's Castle (in concert), Pleyel, Paris, June 4 2010

Petra the Great

Philippe Jordan conducted Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, while our fave Petra Lang sang the role of Judith, and Peter Fried was Bluebeard. Did we like it?

I love this opera, love Petra Lang, and I start to like more and more Philippe Jordan. Listening to Petra Lang singing live and a good orchestra performing this wonderful score live is much better than any recording,  but if you couldn't make it to be at Pleyel on that night, you can listen to the radio recording available on this link (for 30 days!)

Philippe Jordan

Philippe Jordan managed to insert this concert in between two performances of Die Walkure at the Paris Opera, and I'm grateful for that.

Petra Lang dominated by her big, rich and healthy voice, by her way to live through verses and you could tell she was in the zone while singing. Only when the last note was played you could see she was exhausted. It's one hour in which she sings practically all the time but the palette of what's to be sung in this score allows to a singer like her to exhibit how truly amazing and unique she is.

Petra Lang will be Venus this summer in Tannhauser in Munich. She will be back to Munich in 2013 and will sing Sieglinde and Kundry (both roles in which she's unbeatable) in 2013.  In 2011 she will be Ortrud in Bayreuth. She's also expected to take part in new Rusalka at Covent Garden. Next season one of the major opera-pilgrimage worthy shows will be Les Troyens in Berlin with Petra Lang as Cassandre.

Peter Fried
Funny to see Peter Fried, who sang this role many many times AND whom Hungarian is mother tongue,  needed a score in front of him, while Petra Lang sang without it. He was OK overall, even though his voice was getting tired towards the end.

It's strange how you get this opera differently at different moments of your life. I understand it very differently now, when I'm older and matured [well, sort of! :) ], then say 10 years ago when I thought that the very essence of this opera was notoriously sexual. Now, I'm close to believe the opposite ;)

Did we like it? LOVED it!


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  2. I could record this concert from the Radio France's site,it is really great to listen time and time again.(With Peter Fried,who is my favorite bass since he was singing the Bluebeard with the greatest sopran, Jessye Norman in 2006.