Friday, June 4, 2010

Daniel Barenboim - Fryderyk Chopin

Thanks to Federica, I learned that Daniel Barenboim was a guest on Rai-Tre last Sunday, May 30, in the prime-time show Che tempo che fa. The entire show can be found on this link. It's a little more than 36 min long and if you like Daniel you'll like the show too.

Barenboim promotes his new book about Chopin and the show was naturally about Chopin.
N.B. a prime-time talk-show on national television about Chopin! Gotta love that. ;)

During the show Barenboim demonstrates what he believes to be a direct impact of the music by  Chopin on Wagner, although the vector to that influence is Liszt. 

The particularity of playing Chopin for a pianist --according to DB-- is that Chopin, more than any other composer, allows you to establish a love relationship with your piano.
He also talks about his grand parents who were expelled from Russia during the pogroms in 1903-1905 and immigrated to Argentina.

His new book will hit the stores next week, but already now it can be ordered from this or this web-store. For the moment it's in Italian only.

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