Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Opera Festivals on Arte

Summer is approaching fast and many good old summer Opera Festivals too.

Arte TV will live broadcast two interesting new productions [and France2 one more]:

  • Most importantly there will be new Don Giovanni directed by our fave Dmitri Tcherniakov at the festival in Aix-en-Provence. Louis Langrée  will conduct the Freiburger Barockorchester and a promising cast: Bo Skovhus (Don Giovanni), Kyle Ketelsen (Leporello), David Bizic (Masetto), Colin Balzer (Don Ottavio), Marlis Petersen (Donna Anna), Kristina Opolais (Donna Elvira), Kerstin Avemo (Zerlina),Anatoli Kotscherga (Commendatore): July 5 @ 21:30 (cet)
  • Bayrische Opernfestspiele is now the major opera Festival in July. Get ready for some more Kaufmania in July as Arte will live broadcast Luc Bondi's Tosca conducted by Fabio Luisi and with the cast better than at the Met opener: Karita Mattila, Jonas Kaufmann, Juha Uusitalo: July 10 @ 21:00 (cet)
  • For those who can view France2 (French national TV), there will be one more Tosca, this time from the festival Chorégies d'Orange, with our fave Catherine Naglestad in the title-role, and with always good Roberto Alagna, and with very luxurious Scarpia by Falk Struckmann [Wojtek Smilek is in the cast too]: July 18 @ 21:00 (cet)


  1. Will the Don Giovanni be on live stream too or just tv? And Arte meaning Arte France only or Germany too (can't find anything on that there)?
    Speaking of live stream will you be watching the world cup (you know football ;)) too or are you just into opera and such?

  2. Both Arte's (German and French).
    Good question! I of course do follow the big soccer events. However, I'll miss tomorrow's opening matches because of opera :)


  3. A colleague of mine is in Berlin attending a political science conference. He said that the highest point of his stay would be to experience how Europeans get excited about the World Cup, which he doesn't really feel in the US. I suggested to him that he should check out some operas there. He looked at me as if I was insane....

  4. Oh definitely suggest him to go and see something at the Komische Oper [on a day when there won't be any important soccer match ;)]. He may be 'disturbed' [kicked out of his comfort zone] and complain how bad it was... but then months later you realize it's unforgettable and "there was something very profound happening there".

    In June, Paris is the operatic center of the world though, with three extraordinary new productions (very high profile Die Walküre, Pelléas et Mélisande, and the knockout cast for La Donna del Lago which will be premiered next week).

  5. I must get a name other than "Anonymous" or things will get too confusing ;). Or I must stop commenting. I don't comment on any other blog as much as here, I suppose because we share some of the same favourites and also some other blogs are too harsh in tone.
    Well, I really liked that comment of that other anonymous!! Actually football and opera share a good sense of drama - if it is a good performance that is.
    Count yourself lucky that France is in there at all, though ;).

  6. You should see that sens of drama, and life revolving around soccer, in Italy.
    Personally I totally abhore the nationalistic part of it. What I love is to see people who're coping with all the rejections, frustrations in everyday life, but when their team wins any major competition they celebrate it and genuinely feel like they've won something big. Sport bringing a bit of relief to people's hard lives... I am all for it!

    Other than that I hope an African team wins the whole thing [Ivory Coast] ;)

  7. If there were no opera and concerts - you would do what with time freed by that?
    I saw my first opera at about age 10 or so and have seen many as a child and onwards but I have also had phases (years) when I didn't go to live opera at all.
    Thanks for that arte/Dima pointing out - would have hated to miss that! Don't have a tv, so don't check tv programme that closely. But that should be very interesting - Skovhus is a good actor and it will be interesting to see what Dima does with good old Don Giovanni.

  8. I also have ups and downs as far as my interest in opera goes. In terms of repertoire too...

    I'm constantly lacking time, so if there was no opera it would be very easy to fill in ;)

    Dima in Don Giovanni will be interesting. That opera is impossible to produce and please broader audience. Let's hope it will be as clever and surprising as his recent Carmelites in Munich.

  9. Let's hope it will be as nice as last night (from a strictly German perspective) ;).

  10. LOL! Lucky draw & beating Australia in soccer is not really telling much ;)

  11. Playing fluidly is, though ;). And goals are so much nicer to look at than say a 0:0 ...

  12. LOL! But I like the point that soccer and opera share many things in common. Also the reactions they both can provoke in the audience appear to be converging too :)

  13. Does beating England count, though?

  14. Losing to Serbia was more significant :)

    This match against England is flawed. If the first half was ended by 2-2 (as it should have, due to referee's horrendous mistake) the second half would have been completely different. Let's see how will Germany play in the quarters, against Argentina (?)

    I thought the US would do good last night and... :(

  15. I think you are being ungenerous here ...