Monday, July 20, 2015

Operalia 2015 - We love Lise!

Despite atrocious conducting [can someone please tell Placido Domingo that he cannot conduct?!], Operalia remains a superb annual concert of amazing young operatic talents that are most likely to  become operatic stars tomorrow. This year finalists
  • Edward Parks, baritone, USA, 31
  • Andrea Carroll, soprano, USA, 25
  • Julien Behr, tenor, France, 32
  • Kiandra Howarth, soprano, Australia, 25
  • Bongani Justice Kubheka, bass-baritone, South Africa, 24
  • Hyesang Park, soprano, South Korea, 26
  • Tobias Greenhalgh, baritone, USA, 26
  • Darren Pene Pati, tenor, New Zealand, 27
  • Noluvuyiso Mpofu, soprano, South Africa, 24
  • Ioan Hotea, tenor, Romania, 25
  • Lise Davidsen, soprano, Norway, 28

were truly excellent. Congratulations to each and every one of them for brilliant performance, and to Placido Domingo for organizing this event!

Lise Davidsen, however, still managed to steal the show with a sensationally high-octane singing of "Dich teure Halle!"

Ladies and Gents I believe we just got our next "Nina Stemme" — not to dig farther in the past and make comparison with other famous Scandinavian dramatic sopranos…

You can watch the whole concert on
Winners: Ioan Hotea (a superb tenor!) and Lise Davidsen.

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