Saturday, November 1, 2014

Makropulos [ed. Mikropulos]

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  • Very promising cast and hopefully Arpad Schilling structured the show cleverly. His take on Rigoletto at the BSO was good, but Makropulos libretto is infinitely better than that of Rigoletto, so... This is definitely one of my Top-10 favorite operas.
  • This is definitely one of my Top-10 favorite operas... Why the blue subtitles?! To frustrate the viewers by obliging them to interpolate the text indistinguishable from the background? ;)
  • Pavel Cernoch, brilliant as usual! I am not fan of Nadja Michael's voice but her stage presence is extraordinary. Her Medée and Poppea in the respective Warlkowski productions are unforgettable.
  • Act-I, OK(ish)
  • Unless I am too jaded when it comes to this opera,  this production is not good. Arpad could have watched the Marthaler production from Salzburg, or the extraordinary one by Warlikowski, and learned about how to approach this libretto. His show, instead, is very narrative -- nothing more nor less. Orchestra is doing a great job so far though...
  • Let's hope Act-3 will be better!
  • Nah... ZERO idea from the director in the opera that gives so much space to a clever director to explore. This is very disappointing for BSO to come up with something as tepid as this. On the positive side, I still love the orchestral part. 
  • So the final 5 minutes were somewhat interesting but cannot compensate 100 minutes of uninspiring, flat show. Cast is excellent, orchestra superb -- but I expected a Makropulos show, not Mikropulos.

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