Sunday, June 8, 2014

Der Glyndebournenkavalier

Arte portal Arte Concert [ex Arte Live Web] will live broadcast the Glyndebourne production of Der Rosenkavalier (staged by Richard Jones -- the best British director). Mezzo TV is also broadcasting the show.

Interestingly, Robin Ticciati will be conducting. He's only 31 and starting from this year he is also the Glyndebourne festival music director. Among the cast member keep an ear on a superbissimo Andrey Dunaev (tenor)...

Judging only from the first 15mins, Tara Erraught is excellent as Octavian. Always good to see a new name --with that voice that can do everything-- 100% invested in a big role on a big stage. Go Tara!

It's funny that Glyndebourne decided to stage the same opera  the same year as in Salzburg. Since the Salzburg festival is free falling quality-wise it will be interesting to see their response this summer. In any case they cannot do worse than in Ariadne auf Naxos 2 years ago (Boy was that dreadful! Even Jonas Kaufmann looked and sounded vulgar, and our dear Elena Mosuc completely out of her comfort zone...)

Kate Royal is a very good singer but I'm not sure if this role is a little too big for her...

Lars Woldt sounds very good too, but I have to say that Peter Rose owns this role today... Apparently I listened to his Fasolt (Rheingold) at Opéra Bastille but I don't remember much... Oh that show was revisited by the director and all the revisions painfully trivialized the show...

Bravissimo Andrey!

This opera is really difficult to stage without a touch of Regie. It is so obsolete theatrically that it really takes a huge effort from a spectator to pretend to be naïve and buy into the plot. It's all beneath the plot that is actually interesting. Hopefully Jones will surprise us with something by the end of the show...

Stefan Herheim --in his pre-Puccini days-- did a superb production of this opera for the Stuttgart Oper.

I like the reference to Freud! Fine job Richard! Plus Kate shines in Da geht er hin.

Hopefully we'll get to listen to Tara singing live at a theater. She sounds brilliant!

Simple but lovely ending of Act One. Nice violin-sostenuto touch by Ticciati too.


Off we go: Act 2.

We meet with our Sophie du jour: Teodora Gheorghiu.

Everyone was waiting for this moment to happen...

One of the most beautifully composed songs... Everything is so delicately beautiful in this scene. Brava Teodora!

Why is there Faninal written on the wall? Would the crowd really be confused otherwise?

I like the presence of this creepy blond guy in the background, whose insolence indicates the inexorable end of aristocracy -- and also helps removing the smell of mothballs of this libretto ;)  Now the Faninal on the wall makes more sense... and this is why Richard Jones is what he is -- an excellent director!

Other than that, waiting for Hab mir's gelobt ;)
Meanwhile Annina brings to Ochs the letter from Mariandel...


Teodora Gheorghiu parle très bien le français... She liked working with Richard Jones and she liked the collaboration between Ticciati and Jones during the months of rehearsal to produce this show.
Very nice girl! Hope she will not suffer from cancelaitis angelis in her career...

Lars Woldt sang this role already 83 times!

Third Act:

Funny detail with the automatic bed :)

Excellent work by Richard Jones -- again Freud.

Terrific timings! Are the traditionalists outraged because of the reference to Freud (both implicit and very explicit)?!

Mme Marschallin is back...

Kate Royal is much better in this role than I thought she could be. Brava Kate!


Beautiful singing... Brilliant Teodora!

Hab mir's gelobt


And so Mohammed  is the next one obsessed by the Marschallin ;) 

 Final touch, signed Richard Jones.

TBH I thoroughly enjoyed the show: vocally, musically, theatrically -- everything was wonderful!

One of the best shows we've ever seen from Glyndebourne. Thank You to the Festival and the sponsor for letting us see this gem.

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