Saturday, April 20, 2013

Are you watching this?!

Konwitschny alert: Starting now (20:05 cet)

"Every seven years the Dutchman is allowed back on land. There this tepest-tossed creature can only be redeemed by a woman, Otherwise his endless odyssey continues. Will Senta be that woman? After all, she longs to break free from the confining world of her father. All he ever thinks about is money. Isn't the wealthy Dutchman just what the doctor ordered? Wagner's gripping early work: a psycho-thriller of operatic literature. Peter Konwitschny has already provoked audiences to delight and disgust with his spectacular Parsifal and Tristan und Isolde productions. This Munich Holländer is something you just "have" to see. A sea and see journey on the waves of the orchestra."

  • Peter Konwitschny is a genius: everyone knows that. His Holländer is maybe not as huge as the one by Bieito (worth a trip to Stuttgart!!!) but is definitely up there with Bieito's, ahead of the Martin Kusej production that you can find on DVD, and then there is like a void. I've seen quite a few productions of this opera but none could get close in quality to the abovementioned three. 
  • Starting: Acher Fisch tends to push the orchestra and often drown the singers which can be frustrating in auditorium  but I guess that won't be a problem during the webcast tonight 
  • Norbert Ernst sounded better a few years back (David in Die Meistersinger)
  • I LOVE Johan Reuter's voice! What an amazing singer he is!
  • Cast is truly brilliant. Interesting --if not surprising-- to see Peter Rose sing Daland.
  • Cette étonnante production n'a pas pris une seule ride!
  • These delays are actually good to appreciate ever more Kent Nagano (who we admire endlessly). BTW, Nagano will be the chief conductor at the Hamburg Opera after Munich.
  • Konwitschny is a GENIUS! Props to Johannes Leiacker for the sets design.
  • This is the role that made Anja Kampe famous and her Senta is really mighty impressive.
  • Now comes Erik -- the best Wagnerian tenor today Lohengrin/vStolzing/Erik/Siegmund/Parsifal -- Klaus Florian Vogt
  • Can't you see the genius of Peter Konwitschny in this transition?! 
  • KFV -- astonishing as ever! No one can sing like this. Plus Anja who shines 100 colors in this role. Love it!
  • Dramatic transitions - dr. Konwitschny
  • Superb Act 2; Somewhere in the middle of Act Two the orchestra started to sound the way the Munich Opera Orchestra usually sounds like. Bravi!
  • First part of  Act 3 is what I like the least in this opera despite the fact thatthis is probably the most well known part, with a terrific choral pages... and yet it curbs the dramatic tension to me (Martin Kusej rescued it by exposing the racist/xenophobic character of the Daland's world).
  • Here comes KFV --superb singing!-- and a formidable Anja Kampe. Johan joins them: LOVING IT!
  •  In addition to being one of the very best Wagnerian singers today, Anja Kampe is also an excellent actress. Here she shows the whole palette of her talents. I'm in owe!
  • Konwitschny concludes it with signature of a genius ;)
  • Famazing show with terrific singing, fantastic acting and a very good orchestra. 


  1. Yes, I watched it this afternoon (evening). I was bowled over by the singing and staging. Brilliant update in Act 2. KFV is the first Erik that ever made me question Senta's decision. On the other hand, Johan Reuter was a good choice too - an awesome baritone we need to hear more from. I just "discovered" Anja Kempe recently, and I think I might be in love with her. She sure plays a crazy Senta.

    I thought Rose was channeling Baron Ochs a little bit. I am not used to seeing Daland played as lightly but he is kind of a fool.

    I agree with you about the beginning of Act 3. Tell the chorus to shut up and get on with the plot.

    I knew already about the "surprise" ending but was still a bit surprised (did things blow up before Senta got the flame to the barrel?) I have to admit I was slightly let down but not surprised at the effect that PK wanted to make.

    It was a 2.5 hours well spent!

  2. Btw. This production originally appeared at the Bolshoi and later moved to Munich.
    As for best productions of Hollander on DVD, well I still believe that none comes close to Kupfer's Bayreuth staging.