Thursday, October 25, 2012

Parsifal anyone?!

New production of Parsifal was premiered a few days ago. Directed by Philip Stölzl the premiere was also a convenient way to celebrate 100 years of Deutsche Oper Berlin (DOB). This is the first premiere since the phenomenal Dietmar Schwarz became the general manager of DOB.

Today's Berliner Morgenpost dedicated a whole section to DOB, the premiere of Parsifal and the postpremiere party.

I'm off to see the second show. Too bad our fave T.H. Mayer won't be singing but the brilliant A. Marco-Buhrmester  will sing the role of Amfortas instead... Well AMB was Klingsor in Lyon last spring and now he steps in as Amfortas.
 Klaus Florian Vogt, Evelyn Herlitzius, Thomas Jesatko, Matti Salminen... it should be great. Plus it will be good to see if Runnicles will be as extraordinary as in Tristan or a little less great like in Die Walküre.



  1. I attended the premiere, which started with a 15-minute delay due to technical issues...
    Even though the production itself was hugely booed (classically, a sign for a production which will be well appreciated in the future...), it was a glorious performance, with a pretty golden cast. Salminen as Gurnemanz stole the night but Vogt, Herlitzius and Mayer made huge impression as well. After recent Pleyel's Tristan, another night of pure thrill. Hope the coming ROH Ring Cycle will provide as much pleasure!
    Look forward to reading your impressions!

  2. Am seeing this actually on Karfreitag 2013 but with alargely different cast.

    I found T.H.Meyer underwhelming in the Munich Ring, monochrome and small scale so I would not miss him him if he is not in the cast.