Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nixon in China for the people

And so, not only the Mezzo TV subscribers will be privileged to see the live broadcast of the new production of Nixon in China from the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, but also all the dear opera aficionados worldwide could see it live thanks to the best TV in the world and their Web-portal, Arte Live Web.

I reviewed the premiere, then went through several --mostly lazy-- official reviews, and I believe I should reiterate that the main quality of this production is that it wonderfully captured the theatrical atmosphere of the Nixons' visit that fits well the underlying music by Adams: the awkwardness of the situation in which the hypocrisy is a necessary means to bridging the gap between two totally different concepts of society, for (a) the greater good [world peace, prosperity...], (b) the political gains and a better place in history for both sides. And all that happens in the dictator's 'house'.

With the cast that will be nearly impossible to beat as far as this opera goes, I'd like to encourage you to spend three hours of your time (intermission included!) even if this music is not always close to your taste.

Video link is embedded below, and it will be available for free viewing 3 months following the live broadcast [Wednesday, April 18 2012, starting at 20:00 (cet)].

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