Thursday, February 23, 2012

La Scala Ring 2013 - Ticket Sale Opened

It's all in the title. Here is your link.

This is a very good & stylish production of the Ring and I'd like to encourage you to spend one week in Milan and enjoy the event live, in a beautiful auditorium of La Scala.
It's also very convenient for non-Milanese that they planed to stage the full Ring in one week only (there will be two runs -- both in June 2013)

I saw the first two operas of this Ring in Berlin -- I'm still to blog about them (too little time, too many operas...)

Alternatively you may wish to subscribe to the Paris Ring, which had some interesting moments although I believe it would fair to say that it didn't live up to expectations.


  1. I think I'll wait for the Barenboim's Proms cycle next year, the prices will be more affordable...

  2. Hi Mei! The same Ring will be presented there or only its concert version?

    1. It seems it will be staged and it will be with the Berlin Staatsoper...

  3. I have heard that rumour too, but the production could only be semi-staged at the Albert Hall. The Royal Opera did something similar at the RAH during their closure with limited acting at the edge of the podium in front of the orchestra.

  4. A fully staged Ring at the RAH that is more affordable than the Ring at La Scala sounds hard to believe but maybe the PROMS organizers have some good sponsors already.