Thursday, December 8, 2011


Apparently the rehearsals leading to the premiere of The Queen of Spades in Graz [trailer here] were very intense and Peter Konwitschny (one of the rare true artists among opera producers) simply burned out. He was hospitalized for exhaustion before the premiere, and he's been staying at that same hospital in Graz for more than six weeks already -- which obviously means that his health problems were very serious.

Konwitschny is the artistic director of Oper Leipzig, where the preparations of his new production of  Macbeth are underway. The premiere is scheduled for December 10, and will most probably happen without Big Pete.
Get well soon, big man! We need you!

Incidentally DVD of his production of La Traviata --with always wonderful Marlis Petersen-- premiered this year in Graz too, is about to be released worldwide. You can already order your copy from Amazon-uk, or Amazon-us.

Trailer appended below:


  1. In case it went by unnoticed abroad so far: Peter Konwitschny has quit in Leipzig, effective immediately. Oper Leipzig announced this the day before Christmas Eve with a press release of three sentences.

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