Sunday, November 6, 2011

And the Winners of the Concours Régine Crespin are...

I do not believe in singing competitions, or better, I don't believe their results are realistic. There are so many factors entering the selection process and the selection of the winners, that taking the results seriously is just silly. Importantly, the finalists are all good, they are all under 30, and they will hopefully enjoy some media exposure that they most certainly deserve.

Of 45 selected singers selected for the First Concours Régine Crespin --organized by the Long-Thibaud Foundation-- and after two rounds of competition the jury, chaired by Alexander Pereira (new director of the Salzburger Festspiele), decided the 6 finalists who would sang at the big public concert at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris.

And so the final concert took place yesterday - Saturday, November 5th 2011, with Betrand de Billy conducting the Orchestre National de France  and with Sophie Koch who hosted the evening. Each of the 6 finalists -- Marina Bucciarelli, Marie-Adeline Henry, Julia Lezhneva, Roman Burdenko, Kihwan Sim, Ida Falk Winland -- sang two arias.

Finalists: Marina Bucciarelli, Marie-Adeline Henry, Julia Lezhneva, Roman Burdenko, Kihwan Sim, Ida Falk Winland

Arte-Live-Web (again them!) live broadcast the concert and the video is embedded below.
The Top-3 are:

  1. Kihwan Sim [La calunnia è un venticello (Il barbiere di Siviglia) - 0:34:15, Ombre di mia prosapia (La Gioconda) - 1:40:05]
  2. Roman Burdenko  [Si puo? Si puo? (Pagliacci) - 0:12:58, Kto mozhet sravnitzya (Iolanta) - 1:21:30]
  3. Ida Falk Windland [Je marche sur tous les chemins (Manon) - 0:49:40, Glitter and Be Gay (Candide) - 1:55:15 ]
where the numbers indicate the time-mark starting from which you can see/hear the corresponding aria in the video below.

 Congratulations to all 6 finalists and to the winners in particular!

I already saw Roman Burdenko last year in Boccanegra in Strasbourg. Whatever we can think about the final results, it is good when some of these impressive young singers receives a special distinction (he was also voted the best singer by the members of the Orchestra.)

I guess the jury did not want to have more than one Korean bass/baritone in the final, which would be the only plausible explanation for not having Lee Eungkwang singing in the final.

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  1. Haha, what's Julia doing in the competition? She surely doesn't need more media exposure.

    Ya, isn't it silly that race or nationality remains a factor in selecting the finalists? Oh well, too fat, too thin, too Asian, too this and too that--the list continues....