Sunday, October 16, 2011

Les Troyens gone blue in Karlsruhe: David Hermann offers the best production of this opera ever, and Heidi Melton rocks

I am enchanted. The musical treat of rare quality, and a magnificent production by David who I knew/felt was capable of delivering this big a show (he and Christof Hetzer.)

Who the hell is Heidi Melton? A jaw-dropping Didon in all departments: Didon of the century, no less.

Orchestra, chorus, maestro... Amazing!

Heidi Melton singing Adieu, fière cité...

Will blog when I return to Paris.


  1. Heidi Melton is one of ours. She is a graduate of all levels of training at the San Francisco Opera and someone we have major good wishes for. It's nice to hear news about her.

  2. What Dr. B Said. You could have heard her in the title role of Ariadne auf Naxos in Bordeaux last winter. Fabulous!

  3. She was a wonderful Gutrune (and boy that's difficult in such a dull role) at the DOB in 2009 and last month too.

  4. Aaah thank you! I saw that she was in Bordeaux and I was even planing to go to see Ariadne but in the end I had to change plans.
    Even Gutrune!

    But Didon is such a difficult role to sing because for the most part it requires a lyric mezzo (with plenty of gravi), but in crucial moments it is a dramatic soprano role. To be able to sing both ends of the spectrum with equal brilliance it is next to a miracle today -- and that's exactly what Heidi was able to do. Unbelievable!

  5. By the way, you're cited on the homepage of the Badisches Staatstheater with your comment to Troyens: