Saturday, June 18, 2011

Julia Lezhneva - "New" Russian Phenom

After wonderful Svetlana Ignatovich and Olga Peretyatko, here we have a new big name from Russia --that the French press has fallen in love with-- Julia Lezhneva.

Marc Minkowski is totally fascinated by her. I guess it was him who gave her the part of Urbain in the new production of Les Huguenots in Bruxelles. Apparently she seduced everyone there -- yours truly will soon check that out in person...

Naïve realized Julia's great potential and already released her first CD with arias from operas by Rossini (see trailer attached below). Astonishing detail is that this girl is only 22!

Is it me or you too can hear some resemblance with Callas?! 


  1. I saw her last week but she was not better then the soprano in the second cast.
    I don't understand the hype about her.
    It's the same as the hype about Poplavskaya.

  2. Arabella, there's no that much hype. The girl is really extraordinary!

    Singing the role of Urbain the way she sang it last Sunday in Brussels, you really need to have an extraordinary vocal range. She digs to pull the gravi as if it was nothing and then hits the top soprano notes effortlessly... and she's only 21-22! Hey!

    This is her first appearance in an opera and being so small you wish you could hug her to congratulate her on her performance.

    Her voice is not very voluminous -- I'd agree on that, but I'd also side with those who claim her talent to be truly extraordinary.

  3. i think it was her who won the first parisian opera vocal price at the TCE last year. she made a great impression indeed.

  4. Yulia Lezhneva - France TV

  5. just saw Julia Lezhneva today at the concertgebouw Amsterdam, 21 - 9 -2013 in Handel's Alessandro. SHE WAS EVEN MORE THAN PHENOMINAL! Everyone in the hall felt so and she got long ovations, applause and lots of bravos or bravas. what a voice! I had to hold back the tears numerous of times, not always succeeding. and such a nice personality signing the cds after the concert.