Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taste Bayreuth on La Rambla in 2012

3 operas from the Festival in Bayreuth will travel to Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona to open their 2012-2013 season, namely from September 1 to 6th 2012.

Lohengrin [Sept. 1 & 4] and The Flying Dutchman [Sept. 2 & 5] will be conducted by Sebastian Weigle, while maestro Peter Schneider will be in charge of Tristan und Isolde [Sept. 6]. All opera will be given in concert (thanks to Mei for this precision).
Note that The Flying Dutchman will be premiered in Bayreuth in July 2012, in a new production directed by Sebastian Nübling.

For the Liceu subscribers the ticket sales will begin on May 30  2011, and on September 19  2011, for us - ordinary folks.

Props are due to the Liceu artistic director, Mr. Joan Matabosch.

This article also states that the trip to Barcelona will be the third time the Bayreuth Festival travels outside Germany: 1st time it was to Liceu in 1955, and 2nd to Osaka-Expo in 1970.


  1. These performances will be in concert version, just the singers, the musicians and the conductor...

  2. Thanks Mei for that precision :)

  3. L'orchestre du Festival de Bayreuth s'est également produit à la Philharmonie de Luxembourg en novembre 2007 sous la direction de Christian Thielemann pour y interpréter des extraits du Ring avec Evelyn Herlitzius, Falk Struckmann, Endrik Wottrich et Kwangchul Youn.

  4. Merci Jacques!
    Ce qui démontre une fois de plus qu'il faut se méfier des travaux journalistiques (même ceux publiés dans les plus sérieux/prestigieux journaux)