Monday, February 22, 2010

Bayreuth 2010

An hour ago the Opera Festival in Bayreuth web site announced the full cast for this year's festival

Conductor       Andris Nelsons
Director    Hans Neuenfels

Lohengrin    Jonas Kaufmann
Heinrich der Vogler    Georg Zeppenfeld
Elsa von Brabant    Annette Dasch
Friedrich von Telramund    Lucio Gallo
Ortrud    Evelyn Herlitzius
Der Heerrufer des Königs    Samuel Youn
1. Edler    Stefan Heibach
2. Edler    Willem van der Heyden
3. Edler    Rainer Zaun
4. Edler    Christian Tschelebiew

It will be next to impossible to score the ticket for this show [new production with Jonas the superstar as Lohengrin]. Watch out for the "bloodbath" in the press after the critics see the Neuenfels' production ;) I wonder how Annette Dasch will do, but I can bet Ortrud will be sensational. Good luck to super-talented young Andris Nelsons!

Conductor Christian Thielemann
Director     Tankred Dorst

Wotan     Albert Dohmen
Donner     Ralf Lukas
Froh     Clemens Bieber
Loge     Arnold Bezuyen
Fasolt     Kwangchul Youn
Fafner     Diógenes Randes
Alberich     Andrew Shore
Mime     Wolfgang Schmidt
Fricka     Mihoko Fujimura
Freia     Edith Haller
Erda     Christa Mayer
Woglinde     Christiane Kohl
Wellgunde     Ulrike Helzel
Floßhilde     Simone Schröder

Conductor     Christian Thielemann
Director     Tankred Dorst

Siegmund     Johan Botha
Hunding     Kwangchul Youn
Wotan     Albert Dohmen
 Sieglinde     Edith Haller
 Brünnhilde     Linda Watson
Fricka     Mihoko Fujimura
 Gerhilde     Sonja Mühleck
Ortlinde     Anna Gabler
Waltraute     Martina Dike
Schwertleite     Simone Schröder
 Helmwige     Miriam Gordon-Stewart
Siegrune     Wilke te Brummelstroete
Grimgerde     Annette Küttenbaum
Rossweisse     Alexandra Petersamer

This will be webcast this year and DVD will follow. Eva-Maria Westbroek will be missed as Sieglinde, but Mihoko Fujimura as Fricka should be a bonus, as well as our fav Kwangchul Youn. Good luck to Edith Haller!

Conductor  Christian Thielemann
Director     Tankred Dorst

Siegfried     Lance Ryan
Mime     Wolfgang Schmidt
Der Wanderer     Albert Dohmen
Alberich     Andrew Shore
Fafner     Diógenes Randes
Erda     Christa Mayer
Brünnhilde     Linda Watson
Waldvogel     Christiane Kohl


Conductor   Christian Thielemann
Director     Tankred Dorst

Siegfried     Lance Ryan
Gunther     Ralf Lukas
Hagen     Eric Halfvarson
Alberich     Andrew Shore
 Brünnhilde     Linda Watson
Gutrune     Edith Haller
 Waltraute     Christa Mayer
1. Norn     Simone Schröder
 2. Norn     Martina Dike
3. Norn     Edith Haller
Woglinde     Christiane Kohl
Wellgunde     Ulrike Helzel
Floßhilde     Simone Schröder

Conductor     Daniele Gatti
Director     Stefan Herheim

Amfortas     Detlef Roth
Titurel     Diógenes Randes
Gurnemanz     Kwangchul Youn
 Parsifal     Christopher Ventris
Klingsor     Thomas Jesatko
Kundry     Susan Maclean
1. Gralsritter     Arnold Bezuyen
2. Gralsritter     Friedemann Röhlig
1. Knappe     Julia Borchert
2. Knappe     Ulrike Helzel
3. Knappe     Clemens Bieber
4. Knappe     Willem van der Heyden
1. Soloblume     Julia Borchert
 2. Soloblume     Martina Rüping
3. Soloblume     Carola Guber
4. Soloblume     Christiane Kohl
5. Soloblume     Jutta Maria Böhnert
6. Soloblume     Ulrike Helzel
Altsolo     Simone Schröder

This is IMHO the best production of Parsifal ever and the only difference with respect to 2009 is Kundry. Good luck to Susan Maclean.

Conductor         Sebastian Weigle
Director     Katharina Wagner

Hans Sachs, Schuster     James Rutherford
Veit Pogner, Goldschmied     Artur Korn
Kunz Vogelgesang, Kürschner     Charles Reid
Konrad Nachtigall, Spengler     Rainer Zaun
Sixtus Beckmesser, Stadtschreiber     Adrian Eröd
Fritz Kothner, Bäcker     Markus Eiche
Balthasar Zorn, Zinngießer     Edward Randall
 Ulrich Eisslinger, Würzkrämer     Florian Hoffmann
Augustin Moser, Schneider     Stefan Heibach
Hermann Ortel, Seifensieder     Martin Snell
Hans Schwarz, Strumpfwirker     Mario Klein
 Hans Foltz, Kupferschmied     Diógenes Randes
Walther von Stolzing     Klaus Florian Vogt
David, Sachsens Lehrbube     Norbert Ernst
Eva, Pogners Tochter     Michaela Kaune
Magdalene, Evas Amme     Carola Guber
Ein Nachtwächter     Friedemann Röhlig

This is the same production and the same cast already available on DVD


  1. Meistersinger Bayreuth: the 2010 cast is not the same as on DVD. On DVD we have a wonderful/perfect Beckmesser: Michael Volle (though Adrian Eröd is also not bad at all) and a "good acting but terrible singing" Hans Sachs: Franz Hawlata (was luckily already replaced last year by Alan Titus/Robert Holl). So good luck to James Rutherford!

  2. I agree with you about Parsifal; I don't think I have seen a better production of anything ever. As you say, Susan Maclean is a good thing; I thought very highly of her Kundry in Leipzig. If only Katharina Wagner could be put out of our misery...

  3. Thanks basenji73. Guilty as charged ;) How could I forget the memorable bad singing by Hawlata?!

    Hi Mark,
    FYI there will be a new production of Parsifal in Stuttgart coming April, directed by Calixto Bieito. Herheim's show from Bayreuth is most probably unbeatable, but I'm sure Bieito will make something different in 'his' Parsifal. Plus Manfred Honeck will lead the orchestra, and the combination should be a treat. Just saying ;)

  4. For the second consecutive year, the Russian pianist, Mr Semjon Skigin, and the French-Irish Baritone, Mr Edwin Crossley-Mercer, will be appearing on August 12, 2010 at the Villa Wahnfried.

    The recital will comprise "die Winterreise" by Franz Schubert.

  5. Sur le site du Wagner Museum:
    12.08.2010 Liederabend, 19:30 Uhr

    Edwin Crossley-Mercer, Bariton
    Semion Skigin, Klavier

    Franz Schubert: "Die Winterreise"

    Être invité à chanter die Winterreise à la Villa Wagner n'est pas peu de choses; je souhaite à ce tandem un succès retentissant comme au Musée d'Orsay devant un parterre qui sera très très exigeant.


  6. Any more information about the webcast yet?

  7. Hi Doug! I made a specific entry about the webcast ;)

    Thanks T! Alas, I'll be in Salzburg at that time. I'm sure the folks in Bayreuth will enjoy ECM as much as we did in Musee d'Orsay :)